The Sparkling Empire of Christopher & Myranda Fine Diamonds

The Mother of Bling NV0216_Cover

Savvy businesswoman Myranda Molina aims for a sparkling empire.

By Nadine Bubeck

Photos by Chadwick Fowler

Myranda Molina has always dreamt in silver and gold. You’ll rarely find the 36-year-old blond-haired bombshell without her signature string of pearls. She says they are her prized possession––pearls, not diamonds, are this woman’s best friend.

When I phoned Myranda to conduct an interview, I had just dropped my son off at preschool. I was fighting tears and frazzled, bidding farewell to my crying toddler, and juggling that with catering to my other child—a baby.

I couldn’t help but first explain myself—apologizing for the initial lump in my throat and potential baby squeal she would likely hear in the background. Her response was beautifully compassionate.

“I understand,” she said. “I have two kids and remember the preschool transition. I even worked with my son on my hip. As a baby, he came everywhere with me. We’re moms. We’re doing the best we can.”

I immediately felt a sense of calm—this woman whom I barely knew instantly became a friend. I can only assume that’s how others feel when working with Myranda.

Myranda Molina is a Chandler-based jeweler and co-owner at Christopher & Myranda Fine Diamonds. The jewelry mogul considers her store a showroom, presenting the public with handcrafted and lavishly sparkling bling for every occasion. She owns the store with her partner in business and partner in life, Christopher Uptain, a certified gemologist and Myranda’s ultimate rock.

When the two jewelers became partners in business, they each brought a wealth of jewelry experience, honed over many years, to the partnership. They decided to take their business acumen and substantial client lists and blend them to form Christopher & Myranda Fine Diamonds in 2014. By joining forces, they’ve combined their expertise and experience to create a one-of-a-kind store. Christopher & Myranda Fine Diamonds caters to local and national clientele—those with $800 to spend on an engagement ring, and those with half a million to splurge on a statement piece.

Their specialty: Making anything your heart desires. Their team welcomes a creative challenge; in fact, they most recently designed a crown for a former Miss America. They hand-sketch all designs and then use CAD digital technology, making your jewelry dreams come to life. It’s a brilliant process—one that excites Myranda on a daily basis.

“I love what I do,” says Molina. “To me, it isn’t work—it’s fun, fulfilling, and rewarding. Jewelry is something to celebrate. It’s given for gifts, milestones, and more.”

Valley residents are invited to peruse their Chandler-based showroom, but if you prefer something more intimate, Myranda takes pride in her concierge service, making herself available to visit clients at the comfort of home.

One of the most common reasons Myranda makes house calls is for estate liquidation. When clients face dire situations and need fast money, they call Myranda. With a caring disposition, she evaluates and analyzes all jewelry assets, offering customers a generous price for their gems, diamonds, rings, bracelets, and necklaces. Myranda then presents a bid within 24 hours and beats most jewelers by 10 to 30 percent. It’s a painless process with no middleman or manipulation. The most she’s ever offered for an estate of jewelry was half a million dollars.

Their services are endless—designing, rebuilding, and casting all jewelry in-house. But they also carry super cool lines, like Armenta and Mastoloni. As for 2016 jewelry trends, Myranda suggests opting for different shaped diamonds, traditional pearl pieces, yellow diamonds, yellow gold, and rose gold. Oh, and her custom men’s department is booming; guys are getting into the diamond craze.

Myranda and Christopher have big plans for their sparkling empire. They plan on making a statement in Scottsdale in the coming few years, eager to open another location between Indian Bend and Shea. About 40 percent of their Arizona-based clientele is in Scottsdale and Paradise Valley, so they want to make themselves conveniently available for their fans. Their plans for a Scottsdale showroom will wow you—they want to be the Valley’s go-to hot spot for stunning, sophisticated, unique, and utterly eye-stopping jewelry.

“When you shop with us, you become family, and we treat you like such.”

Myranda lives to work; it’s her passion, it’s her love, it’s her happy place. She believes she’s seen such quick success because she becomes a friend to people.

Myranda radiates integrity and honesty, constantly evolving her loyal clientele. She is dedicated to providing her clients with flawless customer service. In fact, she offers a lifetime guarantee on jewelry, as she realizes that bling is an investment, and takes that into consideration when caring for her customers.

But the business owner is also a mother to a six-year-old son and a teenage daughter. Both her kids have inherited Myranda’s jewelry obsession. Her son, Derek Alfredo, doesn’t let his mom leave the house without being frosted in bling, and her daughter Athena Raquel is her sidekick and assistant. She aims to instill in her children a strong work ethic—you can often find her kids helping at events, fundraisers, and around the store. Athena Raquel is even designing her own jewelry line, making mama proud.

Myranda counts her blessings, having experienced a challenging upbringing. She moved 18 times growing up, and remembers getting a food box for Christmas. She learned firsthand the value of a dollar, and that hard work and passion pay off. She also came to realize the importance of paying it forward.

Myranda has since morphed into a philanthropist, dedicated to giving back to the community she’s lived in since birth. In 2015 she was involved in over 15 charities including Young Life of Chandler, Arizona Animal Welfare League & SPCA, Dignity Health, MASK (Mothers of School Aged Children), and more.

“There is nothing more important than doing good. I tell my kids that all the time.”

Along with her daughter, Athena Raquel, Myranda has a passion for horses. Athena Raquel is an avid rider and they have two horses showing at the Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show in February. “It’s the largest horse show in the world. We’ve been doing that for about 12 years and it’s the only event where WestWorld gets completely sold out,” says Myranda. “Horses and jewelry complement each other,” says Myranda about that show. “It’s where a lot of my international clients come from.”

Myranda and I talked for nearly an hour. Our phone interview was fluid, easy, and conversational. It was like talking to an old gal pal while getting a brief introduction to the fascinating jewelry biz.

I hung up the phone feeling inspired. The 36-year-old had taken her lifelong passion and turned it into living proof it’s possible to achieve your dreams.

Our conversation also left me feeling naked, and I’m not referring to clothing. Apparently sparkle is contagious; diamonds—and pearls—could easily be anyone’s best friend.



Christopher & Myranda Fine Diamonds

2560 W. Chandler Blvd., Chandler

(480) 792-1161


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