A Trip to Neverland

A Trip to Neverland  NV Entertaining Oct Nov '15

Party stylist Jamila Watson creates a Halloween celebration inspired by a classic children’s tale.

“Never grow up” has to be one of my favorite lines from Peter Pan. I’ve watched the movie Peter Pan so many times as a child and was so happy to watch it again many times with my own kids. So now that Halloween is upon us and the new Pan movie is coming out this month, I decided to orchestrate a fun Halloween-themed Peter Pan party. Here are a few fun ideas for creating your own Peter Pan party with a fun Halloween touch.

Skull Island Décor: I had so much fun designing the décor for our party. I wanted a nice mix of pirate, which works well with Halloween, with accents from some of the scenes from the movie. Our party table and backdrop was all about Skull Island. The kids really had fun with our pirate skeleton. We also added a fun pirate ship for photos with our very own ghostly pirate. I’m in love with teepees, so I added a teepee to represent Tiger Lily’s village. Don’t forget the dry ice. Kids and adults love the spooky fog effect it creates.

Magical Entertainment: You can’t have a Peter Pan party without Peter Pan, Captain Hook and Tinker Bell. We had the most amazing characters from Storybook Entertainment at our event. With just a sprinkle of pixie dust, they made our party extra special. The kids also had fun with themed glitter tattoos from Parties On Purpose. We had Tinker Bell, Peter Pan, and pirate designs for everyone. Lastly, we had a fun craft that doubled as a party favor and themed props such as pirate and Peter Pan hats, fairy wings, maps, compasses, and swords for everyone to keep.

Neverland Treats: Because “never grow old” is one of my favorite quotes, Angela from Angel Cakes Bakery made our amazing three-tiered cake resembling the night sky when Peter Pan goes to visit Wendy and her two brothers in London. We displayed our cake separately, as everyone wanted to take a photo with it and the pirate ship. For the dessert table, we treated everyone to Peter Pan and skull island cookies from The Baked Equation, chocolate-covered cake bites from Target, and ice cream cone teepees made by Angel Cakes Bakery. Here’s a cool tip, whatever beverage you are serving your guests, tie a red feather to it with brown string to add the character Tiger Lily’s accent to it.

I hope this inspires you to plan your own Halloween party this year. For more party ideas, please visit partiesonpurpose.com. Don’t forget to connect with us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.





Parties On Purpose: Party styling, themed glitter tattoos

Storybook Entertainment: Peter Pan, Captain Hook, Tinker Bell characters

Angel Cakes Bakery: Cake, teepees

The Baked Equation: Cookies

Banner: Une Belle Fete





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