Phoenix Police Museum shares history of men and women in blue By Julie Carlson Did you know the Miranda Rights given to a person when they are placed under arrest were the results of a real case based in Phoenix? Learn all this and more at the Phoenix Police Museum, located in the historic City Hall on the northeast corner of Second Avenue and Jefferson Street. So, what’s the Miranda Rights case? In 1963, a ...

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Pay Dirt

Ed Schieffelin finds his tombstone.   By Marshall Trimble The tall, lanky prospector brushed back his thick, matted, unkempt hair and looked out across a jumble of high mesa hills, scanning the rough terrain east of the San Pedro River. Somewhere out there he reckoned, lay the vast riches he had long sought. It was a well-known fact that this virtually uninhabited area, some 60 miles southeast of Tucso ...

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Piecing it all together

Trevor Wilde on work, life, and giving back By Alison Bailin Batz The big picture. When you step back, it's always a tapestry of small pieces that make it all come together as one. At a glance, long-time resident Trevor Wilde's big picture is an impressive one. At work, he's not only the co-founder and managing director of Wilde Wealth Management Group in Scottsdale, but was recently named to Barron's annua ...

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Gerry Jones: Designer of first Carefree home is still developing mountain homes into his 90s

Gerry Jones Designer of first Carefree home is still developing mountain homes into his 90s. By David M. Brown     When Gerry Jones arrived here, Carefree wasn’t Carefree. The well-known architectural designer and developer, now in his 90s, came to the foothills area north of Scottsdale just after the Korean War, when he had trained U.S. Marines in judo and survival techniques. Before this, he had ...

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Create a refreshing outdoor escape for your family this season

All-Star Summer   Summer officially begins June 21, which is all well and good for most of the country, but for us North Valley residents, it’s safe to say, we’ve already been melting. If you have yet to get your home summer ready, check out these sizzling summer solutions to tie together your patio and backyard. Perk Up Your Patio Your patio will inevitably be an extension of your home for the upcoming mon ...

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