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Celebrating its third anniversary, Quench Naturel is all about love

By Annika Tomlin

Gina Mynatt-Galdi and her daughter suffered from severe eczema. The two struggled to find products that would help with it.

So Mynatt-Galdi founded Quench Naturel and the Get Whipped Body Souffle to relieve the skin condition.

But the next step for the North Scottsdale resident was to find a partner, someone who would help her sell her natural products. She approached her friend Allana Taylor.

“Can I make a logo? And can I build out a whole brand?” Taylor said enthusiastically at the time. Her background in sales and marketing came in handy and she came on board as Quench Naturel’s co-owner and brand developer.

The company is preparing to celebrate its third anniversary on February 14. The two didn’t intend on filing for a license on Valentine’s Day, but it works.

“Our company is about love, so it just makes sense,” Taylor says.

The women got the ball rolling with hygiene products like deodorant and toothpaste because they longed for items that eschewed chemicals.

“We use chemicals all day long in everything we do,” Taylor says.

One of the first products they attempted to create was a natural toothpaste. Taylor says the goal was to make a tooth polish that works and tastes nice. They used Taylor’s 3-year-old sons as test subjects for what would become Fresh Mouth Tooth Polish. Taylor’s sons loved the taste.

“If 3-year-olds can love the taste, then probably most of America and the world can go with this taste,” Taylor says.

The flavors include fresh mint, cinnamint, blanco and blaque.

Mynatt-Galdi and Taylor began developing other beauty products that stick with the all-natural-ingredient theory. They wanted to remove unnecessary chemicals and replace them with herbs that “maybe a lot of people don’t know about,” Taylor says.

The women found it important to find a packaging company that aligned with their beliefs. They couldn’t, so they decided to produce the products out of Taylor’s home.

Mynatt-Galdi and Taylor use the watchdog group Environmental Working Group (EWG) to vet all of their ingredients to the European standard of being a natural-based product. All of the ingredients that are used by Quench Naturel meet the EWG standard, which means the products are safe and do not contain toxic chemicals.

“This, I think the world needs,” Taylor says about the company’s natural products. “I want to get it out there and help people live healthier lives.”

The online-based company ships nationally and occasionally internationally to spread their natural-based products around the world.

“As we make our products and as we formulate, we don’t formulate thinking about ‘how much is this going to cost?’ and ‘what’s the bottom line?’” Taylor says.

“We formulate thinking about, ‘how can we make really pure product? How can we remove these chemicals?’”

Mynatt-Galdi and Taylor also ensure their products are in eco-friendly packaging for some of their items. Other products, like their lip scrub, are in recyclable stainless-steel containers.

Taylor’s favorite product is Refresh Fruit Infused Botanical Toner. As the mother of four boys, she loves the calming essential oils of lavender and rose that are used in the toners to relieve stress.

Mynatt-Galdi and Taylor are constantly working on creating products and collaborating with other local vendors to make more natural-based products. 


For more information, visit quenchnaturel.com.

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