“Face of the North Valley” Model Contest Finalists

1. Lauren Annis, 18

Lauren is a freshman at Paradise Valley Community College. She hopes to transfer to Arizona State University to study journalism and broadcasting.


2. Khemika Kemawong, 22

Khemika was born in Bangkok, Thailand. She is going to school in the Valley and is studying early childhood management and administration.


3. Kristy Letterly, 20
Kristy was born and raised in Scottsdale. She is a student at Arizona State University and wants to be an editor for a fashion magazine.


4. Alyssa Laganosky, 21

Alyssa enjoys writing music, cooking, and hanging out with friends. She works two jobs and attends Arizona State University.


5. Nayra Caraveo, 27

Nayra is an Arizona native from Tempe. She enjoys being around people who understand that a smile can go a long way.


6. Antonia Krotzer, 25

Antonia just graduated from Arizona State University, where she majored in psychology and minored in sociology.


7. Heather Knudsen, 43

Heather moved to Arizona 12 years ago. She is the proud mother of a 16-year-old son.


8. Liana Rivera, 20

Liana is an Afro-American/Puerto Rican model. She moved to Arizona from Chicago, Illinois.


9. Brittany Gomes, 24

Brittany is a fun-loving, outgoing person who’s passionate about life.


10. Antonia Kastilahn, 19

Antonia was born and raised in Chandler. She plans on attending California Polytechnic University to major in exotic-animal and zoo management.


11. Suzanne Kraekel, 49

Suzanne is a three-time cancer survivor and mother of three. She’s happy every day that her feet hit the floor.


12. Rachel Kasang, 19

Rachel recently had the epiphany of realizing that she wants to model, act, and host.


13. Angelle Tarango, 18

Angelle is a sophomore at Glendale Community College and is majoring in nursing.


14. Amy Eidel, 33

Amy is a makeup artist. She was recently chosen to be in an upcoming TV series called Best Friends, which has been slated for Disney.


15. Jacey Sebion, 21

Jacey was born and raised in the Valley and has an 8-month-old daughter.



16. Zlata Wagner, 23

Zlata was born in western Ukraine. She now lives in Scottsdale and works in a dental office in Carefree.


17. Jennifer Monge, 25

Jennifer was born in California and moved back and forth from Mexico for several years until finally settling in Arizona. Her experiences have inspired a spicy mixture of Mexican culture with American ambition.


18. Dawn Jameson-Powers, 30

Dawn overcame a terrible case of stage fright to become a singer. She currently sings at Mastro’s Steakhouse every Tuesday through Friday.


19. Adara Webb, 22

Adara works for a pediatric dentist office and is in school studying to be a pediatric dentist.



20. Kimberly Miller, 39

Kimberly holds a Master of Science degree from Miami University. She is an avid runner and fitness enthusiast.


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