Painting and wine make for a night to remember

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Writer Julie Carlson on a hot new trend that combines artistry and wine.


Are you tired of doing the same old thing on date night or girls’ night out? Maybe you’ve been wanting to put a different twist on an upcoming birthday party, a wedding anniversary, or a bachelorette party. If so, then a paint-and-sip outing may be just what you were looking for.

The paint-and-sip concept has been in existence for about 10 years, and it’s recently become popular in the Valley. Now, a handful of art studios offer adults over 21 the experience of a group painting class complete with step-by-step instruction on how to create a masterpiece, all while enjoying a glass of vino.

“Paint-and-sip studios are becoming popular because it’s a great platform for a night out,” says Samantha Bordelon-Karim, director of fun for Pinot’s Palette in Paradise Valley. “You can socialize with your friends while doing an activity, all while enjoying your beverage of choice, whether alcoholic or not. Painting is one of those activities that people may be intimated by, so if they need a little liquid courage to encourage them, it’s a great introduction to art.”

Bordelon-Karim says that Pinot’s Palette takes pride in hiring local artists as employees. “They should be able to not only paint and instruct well but be an entertainer,” she says. “Art can be thought of as boring, so the last thing you need is bare-bones instruction.”

People of all artistic levels will feel comfortable at a paint-and-sip studio, including expert painters who just come for the experience alone. This is mainly because it’s not an art class—you don’t have to worry that you’ll make a mistake or look as if you can’t even draw a stick figure because everyone is there to have an enjoyable evening out and walk away with a painting they created.

If you’d like to bring the younger set, various paint-and-sip studios also offer days for kids, families, and seniors. Typically, these events include the 16 x 20 canvas, aprons, acrylic paints, easel, and brushes in the base price. Alcohol is usually sold separately unless the studio offers a BYOB option.

So, grab a group of friends or come alone, and take part in an awesome experience that will make you never think of painting the same way again!



Get the Painting Party Started

Pinot’s Palette

10625 N. Tatum Blvd., Suite D142



The Brush Bar

4165 N. Craftsman Court



Painting with a Twist

219 E. Baseline, Ste. H3



Party with Paint

4444 E. University Dr., #109




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