Throw together an effortless holiday cocktail party with these tips

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Throw together an effortless holiday cocktail party with these tips.

By Jamila Watson

Photography by Kourtney Marie Photography


It’s the holiday season and I’m so excited. One of my favorite things to do for Christmas is to invite family and friends over so we can catch up and just unwind from all the busyness of the season. Here are a few tips for creating a beautiful but easy holiday gathering that looks like it took days to plan.


I absolutely love to cook but during the holiday season when it’s a little busier, it’s sometimes hard to find the time. That’s why I called my friends Tom and Lin from Tom and Lin Catering. They put this amazing assortment of artisan cheeses and meats, bacon wrapped dates with feta and vanilla poached pear with gorgonzola, arugula, and hazelnuts (TLC Signature Boards) together for my party. Everything was so tasty and helped give me more time with my family and friends.


Everyone knows that desserts are a crowd pleaser. I’m a big fan of bite-size desserts, in particular. They help to assuage some of the guilt felt from eating too many sweets. My favorite baker Angela, owner of Angel Cakes Bakery, made these cute adorable chocolate meringue pies and lemon raspberry dessert shots. These were absolutely delicious.


Why not keep it simple when it comes to your holiday gathering and offer one or two signature drinks? For this party, I chose champagne garnished with rosemary (you can also add cranberries). You can also offer a mimosa bar and have your guests make their own mimosas. Whatever your choice is, make it simple with a gorgeous display.


Rosemary’s Piglet

Add a festive touch to your own holiday bash with this red-and-green recipe from the Salty Sow restaurant in Phoenix. Made with sweet pomegranate and earthy rosemary, this effervescent cocktail will leave your guests squealing with delight.


Rosemary Simple Syrup


1          cup sugar

3          cups water

4          rosemary springs


To make simple syrup


Steep water in a tea kettle. Put sugar and rosemary sprigs in a bowl, then add the steeped water. Stir to dissolve sugar and let the mixture sit for 20 minutes, then strain to remove the sprigs.




1/2      ounce pomegranate juice

3/4      ounce rosemary simple syrup


ice cube with sprig of rosemary


To create the cocktail


Combine pomegranate juice and rosemary simple syrup in a martini glass. Add a rosemary ice cube, top with champagne and enjoy.






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