Aiming for a Good Time: C2 Tactical offers couples’ packages

By Annika Tomlin

Chocolates and flowers are a great gift for Valentine’s Day, but for someone looking for something outside the box, C2 Tactical’s date night package might be the way to go.

“The date night package was something that we wanted to create for customers to say, ‘Hey, let’s go do something fun,’” C2 Tactical managing member Vincent Vasquez says. “‘Let’s get out of our normal routine. Let’s do something together.’”

The date night packages offer the opportunity to do just that while having an “empowering” experience.

“The package is going to include ammunition, eye and ear protection; a couple of T-shirts; and it’s going to include the range safety officer to be able to go out and walk people through how to do all of this neat stuff,” Vasquez says.

The package for two includes two handgun rentals, two boxes of 9 mm ammunition, four targets and preloaded ammunition for $125 per couple.

“I don’t think that anybody else does anything like this,” Vasquez says. “But what I think is fun about this is it could be out of the norm for some people, something new for them to go and have an experience, have something fun.”

One of Vasquez’s favorite memories of people participating in these packages is seeing the “empowerment” that people feel when they walk out.

“For some people it can be really scary doing something new that they’vee never done before,” Vasquez says. “Afterward, they feel empowered because they think, ‘Wow, I overcame some fear that I didn’t know about,’ or, ‘I overcame not ever doing that before because I didn’t know anything about it.’

“It’s like being able to swim for the first time. You’re empowered by that ability and knowledge of being able to do something new.”

For those looking to take the romantic holiday up a notch, C2 Tactical also offers a fully licensed “Shotgun Wedding” ceremony at its venue.

“We’ve had customers of all different age groups come out,” Vasquez says. “We’ve had young folks; we’ve had middle aged folks and older folks.

“They always come up with their own theme of what they want to do to the wedding. It’s an opportunity to get out of the box and do something different.”

C2 Tactical offers a vow renewal ceremony ($475), a fully legal wedding ceremony ($495) and a commitment ceremony ($475).

The legal wedding ceremony includes use of a private room and range, 25 rounds on a shotgun, eye and ear protection for each shooter, dedicated range safety officer, photos with guns on the range (up to three guns each), gift bag (shot glasses, coffee mugs, hats and dog tags), and C2 Tactical T-shirts. Couples getting married are required to bring their marriage licenses and photo ID with them for the ceremony.

“For some people it’s maybe their second wedding or maybe it’s their first wedding,” Vasquez says. “It’s unusual and it’s something that is memorable, and it’s something that they get to speak of for years.”

Business hours are 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Saturday, closing at 6 p.m. on Sundays. Valentine’s Day, Monday, February 14, will operate during normal business hours.

“We definitely have walk-in availability, but I do recommend that people pre-register, because they might find out that all of the particular booking slots are full,” Vasquez says. “It’s definitely good to pre-book or call our call center to answer any questions people can have, including booking the experience. Or they can go online and book it directly themselves.”

For couples looking to continue the fun after date night or people looking for a lasting gift, Vasquez mentions C2 Tactical’s membership.

“If people are looking for a fun and unique experience that they can share together, I think a membership is a great way to go,” Vasquez says. “It’s $19 a month, it’s less than a gym membership, and they can come in as often as they want.

“It’s a great gift if you are looking for something inexpensive and fun to give your loved ones.”

For more information on the packages or to book an experience, go to

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