Party stylista Jamila Watson celebrates the season with plaid

Mad for Plaid  Party stylista Jamila Watson celebrates the season with a traditional pattern. Photos by Kourtney Marie Photography It’s time to celebrate! The weather is beautiful and it’s the perfect time to rejoice in the season with family and friends. Plaid is so hot right now and is the perfect accessory for the holidays. This season, I decided to go plaid and decorate for Christmas, using different ta ...

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A Trip to Neverland

A Trip to Neverland   Party stylist Jamila Watson creates a Halloween celebration inspired by a classic children’s tale. “Never grow up” has to be one of my favorite lines from Peter Pan. I’ve watched the movie Peter Pan so many times as a child and was so happy to watch it again many times with my own kids. So now that Halloween is upon us and the new Pan movie is coming out this month, I decided to orches ...

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Create a Sophisticated Open House

Open House  By Jamila Watson, Parties on Purpose Turn your real estate open house into a fun gathering to remember! Most of us have been to an open house for a beautiful home only to see that the presentation could have been more sophisticated. You want your property to be memorable and your guests to feel comfortable and relaxed. Simple and thoughtful additions can be made to make your potential clients fe ...

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Party planner Jamila Watson sets up a spa party

A Refreshing Spa Party By Jamila Watson Photos by Kourtney Marie Photography We’re now in the lazy days of summer, and in the North Valley, life seems to slow down a bit. This is the perfect time to reconnect with friends, get pampered, and beat the heat. For this article, I wanted to show you fun and relaxing ideas on planning a spa gathering where you and your friends can unwind and be treated like royalt ...

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Festive ideas for your next pool party

Splish Splash  By Kimberly Huffed Photos by Heidi Lea Photography With spring break over, there are only seven weeks of school left! It’s time to start planning those end-of-the-school-year get-togethers and  fun summer pool party. The weather is just about right to take your first dip of the season. Things warm up fast, so plan ahead and be ready to invite some friends over for an afternoon, or get a group ...

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