The criminal defense attorneys at Suzuki Law Offices use insider knowledge to guide clients through the criminal justice system

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The criminal defense attorneys at Suzuki Law Offices use insider knowledge to guide clients through the criminal justice system.

Richard J. Suzuki, the founding attorney at Suzuki Law Offices, L.L.C., is approachable, talkative, and down to earth.

“Because of my background, I’m living proof that if you always work hard, you can succeed,” Suzuki says. “I faced many hurdles to accomplish all that I have, and can relate with clients that one small mistake or being in the wrong place at the wrong time can often derail so much good. That’s why I and my team work so hard for our clients.”

Suzuki explains that his firm represents a variety of cases, including criminal defense cases, DUI, and car accidents. Currently, the 11-year-old firm has six attorneys—including himself—on staff, all of which are former prosecutors and have between 13 and 28 years of experience each.

Suzuki says that his untraditional path is why he’s so passionate about his clients’ cases.

Before founding his own law firm, he shares that he was a first generation college graduate who stopped and started college three times before successfully graduating with his juris doctorate from University of Arizona College of Law in Tucson. After graduation, he served as a law clerk for the Honorable Howard Fell of the Arizona Superior Court in Pima County and then as a criminal prosecutor for the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office. He then served as the Assistant United States Attorney for the District of Arizona.

The father of two is a dedicated family man who’s as comfortable dancing on the stage with his daughter in her dance studio’s annual daddy/daughter dance production as he is in the courtroom. He also shares that his wife, Jessica, helps the firm with marketing and that he’s proud of the fact that—while the firm advertises and markets itself locally—many of its clients come to them by referrals.

“Almost 40 percent of our clients are referrals from other clients because we’re passionate about our work while being compassionate to our clients,” Suzuki says. “We listen to our clients, help them, and take their cases seriously. I assign two attorneys and one investigator to each case.”

He adds that another reason for the firm’s success is that they don’t necessarily take every client that comes in.

“The case and the client have to be a good fit; we need to care and be able to best serve the case,” Suzuki says. “We also highly encourage our clients’ family to be involved if they want to be.”

“Our company hired Mr. Suzuki to help resolve a very important and serious business case that could have potentially lead to civil and criminal consequences due to a mistake by a third party merchant processing company printing erroneous information on customer statements,” shares one former client. “Mr. Suzuki was extremely professional, acted immediately on our behalf and in the best interest of our company. He was directly responsible for ensuring a timely and professional resolution to all matters regarding our case without criminal ramifications. We cannot speak highly enough of Mr. Suzuki and highly recommend him as he has demonstrated to be an expert attorney, upholds the highest of ethics, and will go above and beyond the normal call of duty for his clients.”

While the law firm’s case list is long, Suzuki shares some highlights of success: a first degree murder client was declared not guilty; one client who was accused of having more than 100 pounds of marijuana and forced into a jury trial was declared not guilty; and one client was awarded $3 million after losing a leg in an accident.

In addition to serving their clients, Suzuki says that his firm believes in giving back to the local community. They do this by supporting multiple local sports teams, the local YMCA, the Make-A-Wish Foundation, JDRF, and other causes.

One of the sports that his firm supports and seems close to his heart is baseball.

“I’ve spent eight years as a baseball coach and I played all my life growing up,” Suzuki shares. “The sport kept me motivated to keep going back to college and to achieve my own dreams.”

While Suzuki Law Offices boasts many wonderful qualities—24/7 availability, bilingual lawyers, a free initial consultation, decades of experience, and more—Suzuki believes their success lies in one key factor that everything else is based on.

“We’re passionate about helping victims. We truly care about our clients,” says Suzuki, who’s looking to open new offices throughout the Valley to better serve his valued clients.

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