Denise Fleisch brings a distinctive style to her Scottsdale gallery

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Denise Fleisch brings a distinctive style to her Scottsdale gallery.

By Nicole Royse

Located in the heart of Old Town Scottsdale is Lotus Contemporary Art. Owned by Denise Fleisch, a local artist, the art space features her provocative abstract paintings.

Fleisch has been creating art and running her own gallery for over 20 years in the Valley. She creates minimalist abstract paintings that center around vibrant colors and strong lines. Through the years, Fleisch has developed her distinctive abstract style and honed her artistic voice, which she feels is greatly inspired by the Arizona desert with its diverse textures, vibrant colors, and expansiveness. She prefers to work with oil and acrylic gel for a localized texture on canvas. Embracing a modern simplicity, her striking color palette and bold lines draw viewers in.

Fleisch has been a part of the Arizona art community for many years. She started with a studio and gallery in downtown Phoenix on Roosevelt Row before relocating her space to Scottsdale in 2016. As owner and curator of Lotus Contemporary, Fleisch showcases her own work in addition to other local artists.

Traditionally trained in the arts, Fleisch attended art school in Cleveland, Ohio, where she received her degree in graphic design. “Sometimes when you are in another city, the atmosphere can bring out new and creative ideas,” she says. Being surrounded by other creative types also helped her to bring her work to the next level.

However, it’s her Scottsdale art gallery that has helped to more fully integrate Fleisch into the local art community, which includes neighboring galleries Carstens Fine Art Gallery, Royse Contemporary, and Tilt Gallery. Fleisch says it’s really wonderful being a part of the arts in Scottsdale and she loves having her gallery in such proximity to the SMoCA and the Museum of the West, not to mention the weekly Thursday Scottsdale ArtWalk.

Fleisch has exhibited her work extensively both locally and nationally and has been been featured in numerous publications including the Visual Arts Source, Java Magazine, and Phoenix New Times. To learn more about Fleisch and her upcoming exhibitions, visit or follow her on Facebook at Lotus Contemporary Art.


Lotus Contemporary Art

(602) 525-0643

7077 E. Main St., Scottsdale



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