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This is the time of year that silver and gold are not only in jewelry but the colors of many holiday packaging and displays. Customers often ask, “What is a good investment?” To me, investment has many meanings.

Do you want to buy it in order to sell it? Gold and silver coins and bars are popular. If so, the price of them is easy to find on a daily basis. Gold coins usually have a premium of $50 to $75 over the daily spot price per ounce. Silver is usually $1 to $4 over the daily spot price per ounce. With both metals, the idea is to buy low and sell high. Everyone has a different opinion of how much over what you pay is the point to sell when metal markets rise.

For jewelry, most people don’t want to sell it: The investment is in the value of ownership. In that case, you want to buy the best quality you can find for the least amount of money. Overpaying for high quality is as bad as overpaying for low quality in the investment perspective. However, the high quality will give you more enjoyment in wear. To not overpay is the key and requires some work.

If you are looking for design, go to sellers who design much of their inventory. If you are looking for gems, look for a jeweler who normally stocks the type of gems you are wanting – they usually have more experience finding them. If you are looking for diamonds, try to stay with GIA certificates for any diamond over 1/2 carat to ensure you are really getting the quality you are paying for. If you are worried about budget, shop around, look at reviews, ask appraisers who they suggest, and take a camera phone shot of something you like to take with you to the next shop.

Just as ground beef has less value than a steak, clusters of diamonds have less value than a single diamond. Just as a car with dents has less value than cars that don’t, gems with visible inclusions have less value than those that don’t. Gems that are lab-created or treated are usually not good investments. But remember, jewelry that you love is a great investment in happiness.

Jewelry-buying Tips for Men

  • Take a camera photo of some of her jewelry so that you can have someone help you with keeping the style consistent.
  • Try on any ring that you know she wears on a certain finger to know where it fits on your finger, to at least get close to a similar size.
  • Get the store to put in writing whether they will exchange or return an item. Don’t buy an item that cannot be returned should she not like it.
  • Pay attention to whether her jewelry is silver-colored metals or yellow, or the more trendy rose (pinkish gold).
  • Don’t buy manmade gems, as they have no value once you own them.



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