Quick, Before It Melts! Saving the Icehouse

In downtown Phoenix stands the Icehouse, a unique building once used for ice storage and to stash crime-scene evidence. In 1990, Helen Hestenes and then-husband Dave Therrian transformed the building into a multiuse art venue, run not for profit but to nourish a community of creativity and an appreciation for art. For twenty years, the Icehouse has hosted imaginative exhibitions, grandiose installations, pe ...

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Your Neighbor as Yourself: The Phoenix Dream Center

There is a parable in the Book of Matthew in the New Testament in which Jesus explains to his followers that giving to the “least of My brethren” as an expression of belief and faith has an impact on all people. In this spirit, the Phoenix Dream Center (PDC), Phoenix First Assembly of God’s inner-city outreach center, is helping a varied and extensive group of people in need, from at-risk youth to the homel ...

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The Dream, and the Hope: Black History Month

By Cassaundra Brooks The first African-Americans to serve in Congress took office during the Reconstruction Era that immediately followed the Civil War. Over twenty mixed-race blacks—some former slaves, others not—served until as late as 1901. The Compromise of 1877 began restoring the previously white absolute majority by imposing challenging voter registration rules, including the infamous Jim Crow laws c ...

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Carey Peña: On Our Side in Many Ways

By Cassaundra Brooks News isn’t always glamorous, but delivering it certainly can be! Just look to 3TV’s Carey Peña, the hardworking Emmy Award-winning investigative journalist and weekend anchor. She has helped to crack some big cases and uncover shocking truths, and has faithfully reported during some of the most momentous local and national events in recent history. And she always manages to look good do ...

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Interview with Danica Patrick: Top Finisher Pushes a Jump-start on Pulmonary Awareness

Small in stature, big in talent. And, big in heart. The beautiful Danica Patrick might be a fury on the racetrack, but off the track, she lives life at a slower pace. The relaxed, friendly woman who welcomed me into the richly appointed villa at the Hilton Scottsdale Resort & Villas was tremendously personable and anxious to bring awareness to the fourth-leading cause of death in the United States: chro ...

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Canker Sore or Cancer?

By Dr. Wilson Kwong I have a sore in my mouth. How can I be sure whether it is a canker sore or oral cancer? In addition to checking for cavities and gum disease, dentists look for signs of oral cancers when we do an examination during a checkup. We look at the most common areas where oral cancer is found: under the tongue and on the floor of the mouth, on and around the sides of the tongue, in the back of ...

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