Fred Tieken: Local artist bursts on the scene—and so do his paintings


By Nicole Royse

Local artist Fred Tieken creates electric artworks that examine a variety of issues and passions important to the artist. His paintings are a burst of color, figures, and words overlapping one another, guiding the viewer through the paintings and highlighting personal subjects and experiences.

At first glance, Tieken’s artwork is reminiscent of Basquiat with his love of color, bold lines, text, and layering of imagery. Tieken is a dynamic artist who has a unique painterly and expressionistic style that utilizes irony and wit to create an exceptional body of work. Recent paintings like The Collector, Hang Two, Fishing for Compliments, and Head Shop are filled with raw, emotional imagery that somehow bespeaks a genuine intimacy between his subjects and connects with his audience. He’s been exhibiting his artwork for only a few years, but he has acquired quite a résumé.

Tieken recently branched out to California and maintains studios in both Arizona and California. He’s presently fresh off his exhilarating exhibition with Perihelion Arts at Aqua Art Miami and back in his studio busily preparing for several upcoming exhibitions. He’ll be taking over downtown beginning with a solo exhibition in Shade Gallery at the monOrchid in February 2015, followed up by a solo exhibition in March 2015 at Willo North Gallery. He’ll make his New York debut in the heart of the Chelsea at the Agora Gallery in May 2015.

Tieken has recently self-published a 96-page book, Selected Works by Fred Tieken, that’s currently available at local bookstore Changing Hands.

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