Pretty Cool: Visionary sisters restore confidence at Bodify

By Christina Fuoco-Karasinski

Step into the world of Bodify, where two visionary sisters, Jessica Stellwagen and Melissa Mickelson, have created an extraordinary journey of body transformation by banishing stubborn fat with CoolSculpting. Since their grand entrance in 2015, they have skyrocketed to become Arizona’s No. 1 provider and the fourth in the entire nation.

The stars aligned perfectly when Stellwagen and Mickelson embarked on this venture.

“We knew deep in our hearts that this was our destined path,” Stellwagen says.

While they always dreamt of running a business together, their passions and interests never quite aligned until the day Stellwagen quit her job and Mickelson invited her to work at a medspa offering CoolSculpting.

Just three months into this opportunity, they decided to forge their own path because CoolSculpting was yielding remarkable results for their patients.

“We saw such incredible body transformation,” Stellwagen explains. “Our patients were elated with results and loved that CoolSculpting is a noninvasive procedure with little to no downtime. So, we approached the doctor to buy his practice, but he politely declined, urging us to pursue our own venture while keeping his database off-limits.”

Determined, they raised funds, acquired the necessary machines, and thus, Bodify was born. With FDA clearance, CoolSculpting stands as the world’s leading noninvasive fat reduction technology, with over 17 million successful treatments performed globally in just 12 years.

CoolSculpting at Bodify caters to two primary categories of individuals. Stellwagen recalls hearing men and women lament, “Despite all my hard work at the gym and healthy eating, I don’t see the reflection I deserve in the mirror.”

This is often due to genetics, aging, hormonal imbalances and various other factors. CoolSculpting offers incredible contouring and fine-tuning capabilities to address these concerns.

The other ideal clients are those seeking a “jump-start,” Stellwagen explains.

“They desire a little assistance in getting back on track. They often feel demotivated, uncomfortable and frustrated with their appearance. They’ve tried ineffective or short-lived solutions in the past. Instead of buying new clothes, wasting money on things that don’t work, or staying stuck and unhappy, they simply want to bridge the gap between their current body and their desired one. With proper expectations and a skilled technician, CoolSculpting is astonishingly effective and predictable.

One satisfied client, Nicole Strong Barrett, traveled from Texas to experience the transformative powers of CoolSculpting at Bodify. She attests that the process was painless.

“They marked me up and discussed the areas of focus,” Barrett explains. “They took photographs from different angles and showed me pictures of people with similar body types. During the procedure, they made me comfortable in a room surrounded by pillows. They attached the applicators, which gradually cooled down, numbing the area. And to top it off, they even brought me lunch.”

She visited Bodify originally to treat her love handle and belly fat, and later returned to treat her arms as she was so happy with her CoolSculpting results. She praises the staff’s genuine care and support when she shared her personal journey of weight gain due to the pandemic and menopause. Months later, when they compared the before and after pictures, she was amazed by the incredible results. The entire experience left her feeling grateful and exhilarated.

At Bodify, their unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional results is their top priority. They stand by their work with a results guarantee, settling for anything less than exceptional results is simply not an option. While it may be standard practice in the industry to proceed with treatment plans that fail to deliver the desired outcome simply to gain a new client, Bodify takes a different approach.

“Clients’ results are our reputation, and we will only move forward with comprehensive treatment plans,” Stellwagen states.

They understand the financial investment that comes along with a permanent fat loss solution and provide flexible financing options, allowing clients to freeze now and pay later. In a nonjudgmental atmosphere, Bodify offers free consultations to everyone, ensuring an opportunity for all to explore if CoolSculpting aligns with their unique concerns and frustrations.
Experience the transformative power of CoolSculpting at Bodify, where they specialize in creating personalized body sculpting plans for clients of all sizes and shapes. Their unique approach combines nine different shaped and sized applicators, tailored to each individual’s specific needs, desired body parts, and desired level of transformation. Whether you’re looking for a subtle change or a more dramatic result, Bodify has the expertise to deliver outstanding outcomes.

“At Bodify, we believe it’s perfectly OK to seek outside help on your journey toward self-improvement. Women, especially mothers, often prioritize giving to others and forget to prioritize themselves. However, being the best version of yourself is crucial to showing up as the best for the people you care about. We believe in empowering women and men to embrace their own well-being,” Stellwagen says.

The investment for a CoolSculpting transformation varies depending on your unique goals and body composition.

“We have treated an abdomen for $1,200 and others for $20,000. Every person is different, and we take into consideration your shape, size and desired outcomes to create a tailored plan that upholds our reputation as a CoolSculpting practice that delivers exceptional results,” Stellwagen states.

They invite potential clients to a pressure-free consultation, where they can discuss goals and assess their body in person. This allows them to build a plan that will deliver lasting results. Imagine looking back in six months and realizing that your investment has completely transformed your body. That’s the level of excitement they aim to achieve.

“Our goal at Bodify was never to be the largest CoolSculpting provider. Instead, we set out to be the best in the industry, respected by our peers, competitors and clients alike. By doing the right things for the right people, we have created a thriving business. Our clients and our team are the two most important pillars of Bodify. We are proud of our exceptional team, whose dedication and expertise have made Bodify what it is today,” Stellwagen boasts.

While CoolSculpting is a great solution for many people, it’s important to note that there are certain cases where it may not be suitable. Individuals with excess skin and no fat after substantial weight loss, those with visceral fat located behind the muscle wall, and those who are morbidly obese may not be ideal candidates for CoolSculpting.

However, with only three medical contraindications, CoolSculpting remains a highly effective option for a wide range of individuals.

For those with visceral fat or who are morbidly obese, making lifestyle changes before considering CoolSculpting can lead to more successful outcomes down the road.

Stellwagen, one of the founders of Bodify, trained under her sister who worked for one of the first doctors in Arizona to acquire the CoolSculpting machine.

With years of experience and a reputation for excellence, Bodify is now recognized by Allergan, the parent company of Zeltiq, as an esteemed training center. People from around the world come to us to learn CoolSculpting from Bodify because they have a proven track record of delivering outstanding results.

“CoolSculpting is not just a business for us; it’s a calling. We are passionate about uplifting and sparking joy in people’s lives. We firmly believe that how you feel in your own skin affects every interaction you have. When you feel good, you radiate confidence and positivity. CoolSculpting allows us to meet individuals where they are, helping them look and feel better. Witnessing the transformation in our clients’ lives is an incredibly fulfilling experience that brings beauty to humanity,” Stellwagen says.

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