Reverse the signs of aging with treatments designed to make you look young again

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Reverse the signs of aging with treatments designed to make you look young again.

By Jennifer Geoghegan


Take a look at these quick and easy treatments to get a vibrant glow and youthful visage.


Botox is a great start to almost any makeover. These simple injections relax fine lines and wrinkles to smooth the appearance of skin. In approximately 15 minutes, this purified protein is carefully placed into the targeted areas to prevent the nerves from allowing muscle movement, which improves the lines for three to four months. Typical areas of concern are the frown lines between the eyes, horizontal lines on foreheads, and crow’s feet. Botox can also be used around the mouth and for the bands in aging necks.


Facial volume loss is another sign of aging. Restoring volume and repositioning tissues is a great way to gain natural and long lasting results. Popular dermal fillers include fat and hyaluronic acid gels such as Juvederm. When injected, these fillers can instantly smooth the appearance of fine lines, lift and contour the cheeks, or plump the lips. There are many options for injectable fillers with some lasting up to two years. The procedure starts with cleansing the skin. Next, a topical numbing cream is applied for 10 to 15 minutes to minimize your discomfort, and ice is usually used during your injections as well. After the injections are performed, I’ll typically gently massage the areas for contouring. Following your procedure you can expect possible bruising and swelling but will see the results immediately.


For glowing skin, let’s talk chemical peels, which can be an effective treatment to remove the outer layer of the skin. These can be customized to be superficial, mid-depth, or deeper, depending on the result you are looking for and the downtime you have available for healing. Performed in our relaxing medical skin spa, chemical peels are designed to reduce sun spots or discoloration, improve skin texture and fine lines.


Laser skin rejuvenation can also be performed to improve skin imperfections and give a more youthful appearance. By concentrating laser energy, wrinkles can be improved by removing the damaged outer layer of skin or epidermis, thereby allowing access to the dermis, which can then be heated to stimulate collagen growth. Lasers can be used to address hyperpigmentation, enlarged pores, fine lines, texture, and more. Depending on your concerns, we have options that involve no downtime or pain and can be done at lunchtime.


Another fashionable aesthetic procedure for your skin is microneedling or collagen induction therapy. This technique involves repeatedly puncturing the skin with tiny sterile needles to rebuild collagen and elasticity and reduce the size of pores. Candidates for this procedure include those looking for anti-aging benefits and also those looking to improve the appearance of scars. Vitamin C products and other anti-oxidants serums can also be infused to help stimulate new healthy collagen growth. You will need a series of treatments, careful sun protection, and a skin care regime that supplements and maintains your results.


Five Simple Ways to Look Younger

Stop Smoking. The nicotine in cigarettes not only stains your teeth but also accelerates aging by hampering the blood supply to your skin.

Cut Out Sugars and Unhealthy Foods. Items with a high glycemic index are believed to cause inflammation, which leads to the breakdown of collagen and elastin in the skin.

Sleep. Get enough sleep at night to allow your body time to heal and restore.

Exercise: Add regular exercise to increase blood flow, which allows oxygen and nutrients to nourish the skin and helps carries away waste such as free radicals.

Wear Sunscreen. You must wear sun block, religiously. UV radiation causes wrinkles, dark spots, and skin cancer.


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