‘The Husband and Wife Law Team’

By Christina Fuoco-Karasinski

Mark and Alexis Breyer are the definition of “giving back.” They give to their clients, their staff and the community.

The “husband and wife law team” recently sponsored Game Changers, a charitable initiative with the D-backs for students. The Valley couple are regularly named “best lawyers.”

“Giving back was definitely instilled in Mark,” Alexis says. “He’s a super, super huge giver. We’re just really family oriented. We like to support schools and kids, and veterans as well. I think it’s nice to give back.”

A native of Southfield, Michigan, Mark was born with a strong Midwest work ethic. When he was 11, he delivered The Detroit News with his sister, and then moved on to a hometown Dairy Queen. He studied at Michigan State University and then Syracuse University College of Law School, where he met Alexis.

“I left Michigan to study law at Syracuse with a clear goal to come back single,” he says with a laugh.

Quickly, Alexis retorts, “He asked me why I was in law school. I said to get my MRS degree. He thought it was a joint degree program.”

That said, Mark set her straight on the first date.

“Every six hours for the first year, I said she would never be my girlfriend,” Mark recalls. “She said if I wasn’t going to be serious, she was going to move on. It went from we’ll maybe never be together to let’s be together forever.”

The weather brought the couple to Arizona and they started their practice in 1996. Honesty and hard work are two things the Breyers believe in and they can provide the results the clients need.

Mark is a “certified specialist” in injury and wrongful death law, a certificate of expertise granted by the State Bar of Arizona and has been earned by less than 2% of lawyers in the Grand Canyon State.

Originally from the Boston, area, Alexis attended Boston University. The couple embrace their clients like family. Their first client became their babysitter and they still keep in touch with the family.

“We’re invited to clients’ weddings, birthday parties, graduations and plays,” Alexis says. “Mark used to joke we’re getting more holiday gifts from our clients than our families.”

That has continued. The Breyers are accessible, freely giving out their cellphone numbers.

“Mark texts on the weekend,” Alexis says. “We are still very involved in all the cases. We keep the case load very low for our staff to make sure we provide really good communication.

That says a lot. The couple has eight children—four boys and four girls, ranging from age 8 to post-college.  

“Tonight, I could be coaching kids but tomorrow I’m in a court room,” Mark says. “It’s been an interesting ride. Working together, I can work until 2 a.m. and Alexis gets it. She understands why.

“We lose almost no one because we are able to give that flexibility and encourage others to do the same thing. We encourage our staff to attend their kids’ plays and school events.”

Mark says with a laugh that he “ignores the kids,” but truly, they are just as embedded in their kids and careers. They volunteer in their classrooms, coach teams, etc.

“The kids have literally grown up in our office,” he says. “I think they understand we have to help clients or talk to team members at night or on the weekends.

“Sometimes it is very hard to balance. We are passionate about work and we have a lot of kids. We have done a pretty good job. It was definitely a lot harder the first 10 years in practice. I had six kids under 7.”

They even take their kids to the courtroom, providing the perfect insight into the Breyers’ career.

“The kids all know we’re trying to help people,” Mark says. “The courtroom gives them a perspective into why we put in all those hours.”

The Breyers hope the public understands this as well.

“Because we’re lawyers on TV there would be a general view of how we really are with our clients,” she says. “We’re not trial lawyers who just care about money.

“We try to intentionally draw people in. We want to connect with people.”  

The Husband and Wife Law Team has multiple Valley locations serving all of Arizona. For more information, call

602-267-1280 or visit breyerlaw.com.

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