To the desserts to the decorations, here are some ideas for planning your next Halloween soiree

A Wicked Soiree nv-entertaining-oct-nov-16

It’s time to plan a wicked Halloween party for you and your guests! To the desserts to the decorations, here are some ideas for planning your next Halloween soiree.

By Jamila Watson

Photos by Kourtney Marie Photography

  • Try a wicked but classy black and white Halloween color scheme. Think Edgar Allen Poe.
  • Invest in Halloween décor and props you can use each year. Most of the Halloween items I’ve purchased over the years I can use again. For this party, I went with skulls, spiders, and pumpkins. Don’t be afraid to be crafty. If you have a few items that don’t match your color scheme, use my secret weapon––spray paint.
  • Add a little Halloween mood lighting from your local party store or dim the lights and add a few candles.
  • Ask for help with decorating. When I’m planning a party for a client or a personal party, I always make sure to bring an assistant. Have each person work on a specific area. Have fun decorating the outside of your house, the entryway (the front of the house and entryway will give the first impression) and key areas inside like the living room and kitchen area.
  • Don’t forget the spooky treats. One of the most important parts of a party is the food. I always like my desserts to stand out so I enlisted the help of my favorite bakery, Angel Cakes Bakery. Angela made this amazing cake that’s sure to get people talking. I love the chocolate pieces on top. The cake pops were a great addition and had the same chocolate pieces on the bottom. You can even make some of your own treats. I make a homemade brownie a la mode. You can use whipped cream or chocolate syrup as a substitute to vanilla ice cream. Top it off with a spooky spider.
  • Experiment with some creepy Halloween drinks. There are a ton of recipes and ideas on Pinterest to help you create drinks to “die for!”
  • To top off the night, try using a little dry ice. The spooky effect never gets old.
  • For more fun tips and ideas, visit us at and follow us on Instagram or Facebook. Happy Halloween.

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