Celebrated Phoenix photographer captures the beauty and intricacy of Frank Lloyd Wright’s architecture

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Celebrated Phoenix photographer captures the beauty and intricacy of Frank Lloyd Wright’s architecture.


By Nicole Royse

Photos courtesy of Andrew Pielage

Phoenix photographer Andrew Pielage specializes in architecture, landscape, and endurance sports photography. Recently published internationally in the #shotoniphone6 campaign for Apple, his work is inspired by a childhood spent exploring the back roads of the Southwest, which gave him a true appreciation for classical landscape photography.

Capturing beautiful imagery around the world for the past 15 years, Pielage has earned a wealth of experience working with a variety of subjects and locations. When asked about his work and creative process, Pielage says, “I have grown into creating new progressive ways of capturing and processing classical landscape scenes as well as combining and adapting those fundamental techniques into a variety of other subjects.”

Pielage is also a contributing photographer for the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, which has provided him with wonderful opportunities to photograph iconic structures like the Arizona Biltmore, Taliesin West, and The David and Gladys Wright House. Pielage has garnered a reputation for capturing some incredible photographs of famed Frank Lloyd Wright buildings. Wright’s exceptional architecture has pushed Pielage artistically and technically and calls for him to utilize new photographic techniques and equipment. So far, Pielage has been able to photograph more than 15 Wright properties in five different states. Eventually he would love to photograph all of Wright’s more than 500 worldwide structures.

Pielage received his bachelors of science degree from Northern Arizona University before going on to become a photography instructor at Taliesin West, as well as being a contributing photographer for CNN, the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, Phoenix New Times, and the Scottsdale Cultural Council. He has exhibited his photos throughout the state and his work has received awards from the Arizona Press Club. He recently closed Drive-Thru Gallery to focus on his own career and is currently in the process of setting up a new studio and gallery in the Garfield district in downtown Phoenix.

To learn more about Andrew Pielage visit him online at andrewpielage.com.



Western Spirit: Scottsdale’s Museum of the West

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Western Spirit: Scottsdale’s Museum of the West


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