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By Christopher McDonald

Hiring the right injury lawyer after a serious collision can be one of the most important decisions somebody will have to make. And to make it even more challenging, people are faced with this decision at the worst times in their lives.

So how should somebody search for an injury lawyer at a critical moment? What questions should even be asked? And what can go wrong if high-level specialists are not involved?

It probably helps to first understand the importance of having the right attorney. Although many people consider themselves injury lawyers, a much smaller percentage are actually trial lawyers.

Meaning, the vast majority of lawyers in the state of Arizona, and throughout the country, never go to trial. Why does that matter? Because if a lawyer is hired by someone who has been hurt — and that lawyer is one of the many that never go to trial — the insurance company is going to pay less to the exact same person for the same injury. How is that possible? Because there is no set value on the injury case.

The insurance company has no incentive to pay the full value of what a jury would give if they knew that someone has hired one of the many lawyers that is going to settle the case no matter. So, insurance companies will literally pay a fraction of the actual amount that would have been owed if the wrong lawyer is retained.

But that is not all. Many injury firms are built on a model to move cases as quickly as possible without retaining the right experts, gathering the right information and preparing the case for the best result. In doing that, they give inexperienced staff members far too many cases to handle. This leads to huge staff turnover, and cases that are never properly presented to the insurance company.

So, what happens? Clients call law firms, and they meet with salespeople instead of attorneys. If they meet with an attorney, it is often a new lawyer, who has never been to trial, and it is the only time they ever get to talk to that lawyer before the case settles. Their phone calls are not returned, and the insurance company offers them a fraction of what they should otherwise receive.

Against this backdrop, Mark and Alexis Breyer — The Husband & Wife Law Team — set out over 25 years ago to do things a very specific way: To provide a level of customer service that would be unmatched.

To go to trial frequently and spend the time, money and effort to become the best lawyers they could be. And — most importantly — to provide an incredible work environment that would attract the very best lawyers, paralegals and support staff so that the turnover would be low, the culture would be fantastic, and everyone was pushing in the same direction on behalf of the clients that they serve.

We have gone to trial against the biggest lawyers, biggest insurance companies, and many of the biggest corporations in the country. Mark has been named among the 1% of lawyers in Arizona as a certified specialist in injury and wrongful death litigation. If that isn’t enough, Alexis is recognized as one of Arizona’s Top 25 Lawyers by The National Women’s Trial Lawyers Association.

The Husband & Wife Law Team has been extremely involved in this amazing community that we are lucky to be a part of.

The firm has surprised teachers for about a dozen years with a “Teacher of the Month” award. It has teamed up with Dignity Health, to surprise amazing nurses and other health care professionals, to thank them for all they do with a big surprise and gift each month. In addition, the firm has continued to support local businesses with the HEART campaign.

It highlights local restaurants and retailers by inviting the community to sample their goods for free.
The Husband & Wife Law Team is much more than Mark and Alexis Breyer. Their eight children, all of whom were born in Phoenix, have literally been raised in the office from the time they were infants.
Whether it’s crawling around as toddlers, or coming to the office to do elementary and high school homework, many of the team members have known some of the youngest kids since they were born.

And the Breyers continue to fight together for the people who trust them most.

To speak with a very experienced trial lawyer, to have questions answered, clients do not need to worry about a sales pitch.

They can call the firm and speak directly with a lawyer, who will listen and answer questions.
They try to do things differently, to make sure they provide the unmatched combination of customer service and legal results for which they always strive.

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