Daniel Shepherd

Daniel Shepherd

Artist’s vintage collages and minimalist paintings fascinate viewers

A self-taught artist based in Phoenix, Daniel Shepherd creates fascinating abstract paintings and collages.

Shepherd’s abstract paintings are contemplative and minimalist in style. He refers to his painting technique as ambient painting and works with bright, saturated colors that often collide with pastels or minimal abstractions that become more expansive with a plaintive serenity. Meanwhile, his collage work is inspired by and created with repurposed materials such as vintage magazines, old photographs, and books he comes across. The process of obtaining his materials excites Shepherd because the purpose they once served no longer applies. Shepherd’s collages blend humor, isolation, mystery and subtle provocative imagery.

His work has been featured in numerous publications both online and in print. Shepherd’s work is included in private collections around the world and he’s exhibited his work extensively throughout Arizona and Palm Springs, California. Recently Shepherd exhibited at Chartreuse Gallery, {9} The Gallery, Bokeh Gallery, Willo North Gallery, and is currently represented by Royse Contemporary.

For the last four years, Shepherd has worked on exciting exhibitions that showcase his unique and often outlandish vintage collages. His most recent exhibition, The Echo of Nature, which took place at Royse Contemporary in May, showcased a striking new body of work that highlighted the pure beauty of nature (in particular flowers). It captures their essence, while offering a familiar recall running through the work. The artist desired to play with something considered universally beautiful.


“Flowers are something that folks deliberately bring into their lives because they are beautiful, or given as a gift to someone they love,” says Shepherd.

The artist utilizes many of the same images in his work, which he presents in various ways as a sort of tribute to the repetition of nature that’s found throughout life. His process begins with ripped, faded scraps of paper, graceful yet unusual images that he then collages onto smooth freshly sanded wood or a repurposed, hand-distressed vintage book cover.

His organic style allows him to combine a variety of images to create original and interesting pieces. Producing his collages entirely from repurposed materials excites Shepherd because he enjoys the idea of things that once served a specific use now years later reused for something completely different. Over the years, Shepherd’s work has continued to evolve, yet maintains its energy, distinctive voice, and element of surprise, characteristics that engage the viewer’s senses.


The Colour Box is Shepherd’s latest series and features acrylic on wood panels. He’ll be exhibiting this series in a seasonal group exhibition titled The Elements of Style at Royse Contemporary. This exhibition offers an eclectic selection of work that includes collage, drawing, mixed media, painting, and photography featuring eight artists whose work is connect-ed by striking imagery, originality, vibrant color palettes, and engaging styles. The exhibition runs through Aug. 25 at Royse Contemporary, located at 7077 E. Main St., Scottsdale. For more information, visit ¬†roysecontemporary.com. To learn more about Shepherd, visit toofangskinny.com.


Nicole Royse is an art consultant. curator, writer, and the owner of Royse Contemporary, an art gallery in Scottsdale. She’s also a strong advocate for the arts in Arizona.

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