Giving People Hope: Dr. Laura Brockel amplifies her patients’ lives

By Christina Fuoco-Karasinski

As a child, Laura Brockel often visited her great aunt, who fell deaf after a case of the measles. She watched her struggle with amplification devices and doctors.

“She found it difficult to find someone who was reputable and had the qualifications to handle someone with the profound hearing loss she had,” the North Scottsdale resident says.

“She had had cords running up her dress from a battery pack strapped to her leg. She had a ‘body aid,’ a large box that she wore in her bra, and that led to her hearing aids.”

Witnessing that plight, Brockel studied audiology at Purdue University and AT Still University. She recently opened a mobile practice, Executive Hearing Solutions, that specializes in hearing devices and advanced audiology technology.

“Testing is done in their homes,” she says about her patients. “I have a portable audiometer. If they need hearing aids, all the testing and fitting can be done in the home. They don’t have to go anywhere.”

Frequently, Brockel works with professionals whose jobs are affected by their hearing loss.

“Fortunately, we’ve come a long way with technology,” says Brockel, whose practice is private pay. “I specialize in higher-end technology. I’ve worked with attorneys who are having difficulties hearing conversations with their clients or in the courtroom.

“A lot of business executives have problems on Zoom calls, in the boardroom and in the courtroom. I mainly help executives maintain their edge in the corporate world and not give way to the younger folks who are coming in.”

The practice comes after 30 years in manufacturing — product manager, technical trainer, audiology support and manufacturing representative. Her knowledge is so vast that she has spoken at a variety of conferences and training sessions in the United States, Hong Kong, Spain and Jamaica.

“I’m a firm believer that all audiologists should spend some time working for a hearing aid manufacturer,” Brockel says. “You learn the ins and outs of audiology when you work for a manufacturer, as opposed to working with a private practice or an ENT practice.

“You learn how hearing aids work, how they’re fitted, the tricks of the trade — things you otherwise wouldn’t have the chance to learn easily.”

A year into Executive Hearing Solutions, Brockel is pleased with the results — and it fits her personality well. 

“I love meeting people from all walks of life,” she says. “I’m definitely a people person. My kids tease me and say, ‘Mom, do you have to talk to everybody?’ It’s easy for me to talk to people. I think it’s fascinating to find out how people fell into their careers. This is the perfect career for me.” 

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