Spread the love with unique gifts this Valentine’s Day

By Claire Spinner

Although some may not be able to see their significant other in person, there are plenty of ways to share the love of Valentine’s Day.

During a year as unique as this one, nothing says appreciation like a thoughtful, interesting gift. To spark some seasonal joy, here are a few Valentine’s Day gifts sure to dazzle.

Well Told

Homeware and gift shore Well Told wants to help couples cement their love with their custom-etched map barware. The glasses, which are custom-designed to map U.S. cities, are a great way to rekindle memories of milestones as a couple. The custom barware even allows customers to mark a particular place on the map where they have shared an important moment, whether it be a first kiss or an engagement. The idea is inspired by one of Well Told’s mission of sharing personal stories through their products that inspire.

The maps are etched on a variety of glasses and home products, like rocks glasses, wine glasses, pints, tumblers, cutting boards, mugs and coasters. Rocks glasses can also be custom designed to include text on the bottom or side of the glass. All these products are made in the United States with sustainability in mind. To give back, 10% of the proceeds are given to nonprofits.

Prices start at $14 for smaller items like coasters, making this an affordable gift for anyone.

Purchase: welltolddesign.com

Moxie Malas

For those who want to give a healing gift during these difficult times, Moxie Malas is offering gemstone and crystal bracelets. For thousands of years, particular stones and crystals have been thought to connect people to themselves and the world around them, bringing about spiritual healing.

Moxie Malas is spreading this sentiment by creating jewelry from healing crystals. Its new “love and light” collection has been designed to create calmness, love and acceptance. Check out the “I Am Enough” and “Heal My Heart” bracelets. Made exclusively in the United States, with high-quality semiprecious gems, each bracelet can provide someone with the love they deserve. Prices vary, but average between $25 and $50, depending on the collection.

Purchase: moxiemalas.com

A Girl Like Me

Celebrate the special women in your life with empowering, thank-you gifts. A Girl Like Me sells feminism-rooted mugs, journals, art prints and other small gifts. The website is perfect for girls and women of all ages, providing different sections for “girls,” “teens” and “ladies.” The items typically feature artwork and quotes meant to inspire women to be their best selves and to blossom knowing that they are as capable as their male counterparts. Some of their best-selling art prints feature women with interests that are usually associated with men, like hiking and lifting weights. They also feature women in powerful positions, such as doctors. A Girl Like Me wants to send the message that women can find their voice and shine. Because of the array of products available, prices vary, but small items such as mugs and journals can be purchased for less than $25.

Purchase: agirllikemeart.com

Red Chocolate

No Valentine’s Day would be complete without chocolate. This Valentine’s, you can show appreciation for loved ones with a treat that is satisfying and healthy. Red Chocolate offers three chocolate products, all which can be consumed without the usual guilty feeling. That’s because Red, created in Europe by European Master Chocolatiers, has 50% fewer calories than the average chocolate bar, no added sugar, 30% less fat and is also keto and Weight Watchers friendly. The options are full chocolate bars; grab-n-go bars; and pralines in flavors like dark and milk chocolate, orange, almond, hazelnut and macadamia. The sweet treats can be shipped from its website or found in Valley stores like Safeway, Albertsons and Walmart. With prices under $15, Red is the perfect budget gift for your special someone, because we could all use a little sweetness these days.

Purchase: red-chocolate.com 

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